Local Leaders Must Pass Immediate, Impactful, and Inclusive Economic Intervention

March 13th, 2020
Former State Representative Jessyn Farrell and Civic Ventures President Zach Silk discuss how governments ought to respond during crises. We cannot trust Trump and the federal government to save us. Local leaders must act with urgency to prevent economic catastrophe. Our response must be immediate, impactful and inclusive- supporting workers, families and small businesses.
Resources and Topics for the Live Stream

Economic Policy Institute: States are projected to lose 14 million jobs by summer.

CNN: In comparison, in the first 4 months of the Great Recession just 1.9 million jobs were lost.

Seattle Times: Washington state unemployment filing jumped 833% as at least 133,000 employees lost their jobs.

Civic Action: Join our growing coalition of organizations and grassroots signers calling for immediate, impactful, and inclusive economic intervention.

This video is a part of a weekly live series hosted by Civic Action. As engaged activists we know you're getting information from a thousand different sources all at once. It can be challenging to pick what's worth your focus, time, and most importantly your advocacy. That's why Zach Silk and Jessyn Farrell agreed to take a half hour and help answer your questions, and make sense of all the white noise. Together, they've got decades of experience writing policy, managing campaigns, and challenging the political status quo.