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Issues we're fighting for

Middle Out Economics

The data show that a thriving middle class and inclusive economic policies drive growth. After decades under the debunked theory of trickle down economics, we finally understand that an economy which grows from the middle out combats inequality by enabling more consumers—and not just the top one percent—to be full participants in the economy. In practice (and policy), these fights include: minimum wage, increased overtime benefits, secure scheduling, paid family leave, sick days, vacation days, and a Shared Security system of portable benefits.

Gun Responsibility

Our nation is experiencing a public health crisis, in the form of an epidemic of preventable gun deaths. This crisis is preventable; commonsense policies have been proven to save lives and make our communities safer. When legislators won’t act, the people must. These policy fights include: universal background checks, firearm protection orders, and child access prevention laws.

Climate Change

We must act quickly to combat manmade environmental catastrophe. We reject the notion that voters must be either pro-business or anti-environment. We actively support the intelligent transition to a green economy and fight against interests which promote unsustainable energy forms. This includes investments in transportation and infrastructure and emerging technologies.

Inclusive Democracy

Inclusion is the foundation of a thriving nation. Economies grow when everyone is included as an active participant, and the best way to ensure inclusion is through a vibrant and truly representative democracy. Therefore, we believe that our voting system should be the most inclusive in the world. With this in mind, we fight for policies that promote automatic voter registration, same-day voting registration, and the repeal of exclusive policies that adversely effect voter turnout.